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September 9, 2012
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You sat in your apartment with a bowl of popcorn. You were watching television, Black Butler was your favorite show and today was the first episode of season 2. When you heard that season two would be coming out, you cried tears of joy. As soon as you heard the television say, "Right now, Black Butler!" You moved your attention towards the plasma T.V. it was showing some mansion with a blonde boy and a other butler, that kind of looked like Sebastian in a way. You sighed and thought for a moment, I hope they don't become the protagonist of the show, cause I liked Sebastian and Ciel more. As if God heard your prayer, Sebastian showed up. You squealed, what? He is a sexy butler. You wished he was your butler. 

You lived in Hollywood in California, you loved this place cause you were closer to the Black Butler set; where they film the show. Sometimes you would spy on the Sets from your apartment, they have the sets of Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Spice and Wolf, etc. Now and then you wanted to sneak in so badly, but the security guards would always find you. It was hopeless for a girl like you with such low standers to be able to see those celebrities. You wished that a miracle would just happen some day and you would be able to go! 

You heard a knock on your door. You stood up and stretched your arms as you made your way towards your apartment door. You opened the door to see your friend Lily, she was also an otaku like you and your best friend. "Did you hear that the Black Butler cast is going to go to our favorite cafe?!" She exclaimed loudly with her blue eyes sparkling. You closed the door behind you and her, "No,"  

"Well, now you do!~" She sang as she made herself comfortable on the couch, "Ah, Hearts Cafe~" You looked at Lily has she closed her eyes and added, "Get dressed! We are going to Hearts Cafe!~" You ran into your room, excited about what was happening but you wondered how Lily knew, "Hey Lily, how'd you know their go there?" 

"I hid behind a bush!" She exclaimed from the living room. You giggled to yourself, Typical Lily. 

You ran out of the room and towards the cafe wearing (favorite clothes) and your (favorite shoes). California was beautiful at this time of day with the sunset. Yes, you stayed at home half of the day. 

Both of you got to the cafe just in time, but the Black Butler cast wasn't the only ones there. So were Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, and Hetalia. You stood there shock, you turned your head slowly towards Lily who was smiling brightly. "Everyone move!~" Lily exclaimed make a path through the crowd of fans, "I own this Cafe!" Its true, Lily's dad and mom own it, but why were celebrities here? "Lily, whats going on?" Lily just smiled and ignored your question. Something was up... You raised your eyebrow with curiosity. 
I have taken everyone hostage!!~~~ :evillaugh: nahhh i haven't but i wish i did XD :icondroolplz:

I'll only make more if this goes far.
Who would you like to love you? Just say the name of the guy from these animes~
Black Butler
Death Note

I dont own you or the animes

I own myself and this story~ :iconloveloveplz: :iconsaysplz: I hope you liked it!

:iconprussiaplz: :iconsaysplz: Muhaha what will happen next why are they in Lily's parents cafe?!
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