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August 26, 2012
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Its the moment you've all been waiting for. Day and Night checking to see if I, LilyJump13 had made this wonderful story you all love... Part 3 of Edward Elric X Reader... Will you meet him again? Wait and see...
Last Time~~ 
Riza's P.O.V. ~~ 

I walked towards the Elric brothers train. I saw them get off and walk towards me. "Hello," I saluted. Ed saluted, "So why did Colonel Bastard bring us back?" I smiled, "You'll see, at least your on time." I walked back towards the car i got to escort them. "What are we on time for?" Al asked, but i stayed quiet while Ed got frustrated thinking why Colonel wanted them.Everything is going as planned, lets just hope nothing will go wrong, I thought. 

Your P.O.V. 

You woke up by some one gently shaking you and chanting, "_____! _______!" It was Havoc, he was shaking you waking for some reason. He was the one you told you to go and rest. "What do you want, Havoc?" Havoc stared at you and then the grandfather clock, "Lets go!" he grabbed a hold of your hand and dragged you back to Roy's office, the place Havoc didn't want you to be until now. 

Havoc's P.O.V. ~~~ 

I stood, guarding ______'s room. I kept looking at my watch, waiting for Roy's signal. What was taking him so long? I checked my watch once again, 8:59, one more minute. I grabbed the walkie talkie and spoke into it, "Colonel, is the shrimp in the bucket?" I waited for his answer until i heard my walkie talkie screech, "The shrimp is in the bucket. I repeat; the shrimp is in the bucket!" 

"Okay, over!" I ran into ______'s dorm.

Your P.O.V.~~~ 

You were being drag to Roy's office. You didn't expect to be in front of a dark pitch black room. "Havoc whats-" You were interrupted by an unexpected scream, "SURPRISE!!~" You saw everyone standing there popping graffiti every where. "W-Whats going on?" 

"We wanted to surprise you and make you smile!" Fuery said smiling from ear to ear. You at the midst of crying tears of joy. You have great friends who would do anything for you- that includes Roy. You smiled brightly and exclaimed, "Let me hug you guys!~~" You ran up to them and group hugged. There was something you didn't know, something was in the closet. Listening in to your conversation with everyone. 

Edward's P.O.V.~~~ 

I sat there in the pitch black closet, squished by Al. I don't know what the hell is going on. The moment we got to roy's office we were pushed into this closet! "Dammit!" I exclaimed kicking the closet. "Brother, be quiet." Al hushed me. I looked at him, "They pushed us in a CLOSET!! A DAMN CLOSET!!!" Al shook his helmet head and said to be quiet. Why are we in here anyways?! I put my ear against the closet door to hear ______'s voice. I missed her silky (hair color) hair, her angelic voice, and her beautiful- What the hell I am i saying?! I blushed a little and shook my head furiously. Anyways, I missed her and hated to leave her alone. I knew she was mad she couldn't come with me and Al. I sighed and pulled my ear away from the closet door. 

Roy's P.O.V.~~~ 
I looked as ______ smiled brightly. I coughed, getting everyones attention, "______ we have a little surprise for you." I walked in front of the white closet door and put my hand on the handle to open the door, "Surprise!!!!"  

A/N: MUHAHAH Cliffhanger!~~~~~ I did that cause i wanted a part 4... sorry if it was too short... 

I hope you enjoyed!~~ Sorry it was to short :iconotlplz: Yes it is me, sticky455789 i just changed my name...

I do not own FMA

You are owned by :iconfullmetalplz: :iconpervyelricplz:
Part 1: [link]

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: You are here~~

Part 4: Coming soon
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lol I read ("the shrimps in the bascket! I repeat . the shrimps in basket !") and instantly imagin roy running around the room like he is on some top secret mishen and lolled  so hard I fell off my chair . not only that but also he called ed a shrimp two times in arow
FullmetalPain Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Student Artist
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