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August 6, 2012
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~Maybe I need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep
I've got a sick obsession, I'm seeing it in my dreams

I'm looking down every alley, I'm making those desperate calls
Im staying up all night hoping, Hit my head against the walls~

You sat there on Roy's leather chair, spinning in circles. Getting stares from the people in the room. "Are you okay, ________?" Riza asked you, standing next to the Colonels desk. You stopped, bags under your (e/c) eyes. You hugged your knees, "I don't... know..."

"Have you been getting sleep?" Havoc asked staring at your eyes. You glared at him, not because he asked that question. Only because of your eyes and it bothered you that he was staring at it so intently, "No, do i look like i had sleep?!" He moved back a bit in his chair, almost falling backwards. "You should go home for the day," Riza said stretching her hand towards you. You sighed heavily, getting up from the Colonels chair. You walked out of the room, leaving the officers wondering what was wrong with you. You were always happy and energetic. Something was right, you had this weird feeling in your heart. You put your hand on your chest, feeling your heartbeat. Ba Bump, Ba Bump. But you knew why, you were just afraid to admit it, to anybody. Everyone knew you has the happy-go-lucky and independent girl in the military, for a teenage girl that is.

"Leaving early, Lt. (last name)?" asked a to familiar voice. You were now faced with the womanizer of the country. His black jet eyes battling with your (e/c) ones. You yawned looking at the floor, "Leave me alone Colonel..."

"Touchy today are we?" Colonel said, you could feel the smirk sink into your skin even if you weren't looking at him, "Full Metal is coming today, back from his trip."

Your eyes lit up; scratch that your whole body did, "R-really?!"

"Really, i knew you were bored so i sent him back," He smiled.

"Whats the catch?" You asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, no catch," He said walking towards his office, crossed arms, "Not today that is..." You looked at him as he walked away. You screamed with excitement, twirling around in circles like a little school girl who just got asked out on a date. All your screams echoed in the halls of the HQ.

~ What you've got boy is hard to find
Think about it all about it all the time
I'm all strung up my heart is fried
I just cant get you off my mind

Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug
Your love your love your love
I said your love, your love, your love, is my drug
Your love your love your love~

You skipped happily back to the Colonels office, you were feeling good. Smiling widely like you usually do. You opened the door to Colonels office without even knocking cause you were to happy in a daze to even do that.

You caught the attention of everyone in the room, except for the Colonel cause he knew exactly why your mood changed. You sat on top of Havocs desk, smiling, and sitting on the pile of papers making you look taller. You chuckled at the thought of Ed's rants. Havoc looked up at you, "Whats with the change of mood, ________?"

"Cause of Full Metal~" Roy sang making you blush.

"S-shut up..." You stuttered.

"Awww, you know i have a girlfriend right now!" Havoc said with hearts in his eyes, "She's perfect!!~"

You rolled your (eye color) eyes, "What size now?"

Havoc rubbed the back of his head, "F cup...." You laughed at Havocs obsession for boobs. You and everyone else in the room started talking about random stuff, military stuff, and personal stuff. They were like family to you, but for some reason Ed was different. You loved his childish ways, rants, and all of his flaws. You also loved the good things and how he would watch over the people he loves to the end of the world. That people, is a real man. No offense to other men, trust me, Ed is the total package a good personality, good looks, humor, and nice smile. You loved everything about him, you noticed that when you locked up in a cell with him. You thought it was awkward when you found out you loved him. You stopped laughing, getting looks from people, "Love is stupid don't you think?"

~Won't listen to any advice, mamma's telling me to think twice
But left to my own devices i'm addicted its a crisis!

My friends think I've gone crazy, my judgment is getting kinda hazy
My status is gonna be affected if I keep it up like a love sick crackhead~

EDIT: So much views!! and favorite!! :iconarmstrongtighthugplz: THANK YOU!! :iconcryforeverplz: i don't really deserve this much TT^TT thank you
heres part 2: [link]

I noticed i never done a edward elric one shot?!?!?! WTF? is the world ending *looks out window* oh never mind, we're good!


Shudup... Anyways i like this song XD

Song belongs to Kesha

Ed belongs to Arakwa-sama

If you download tell me! ^^
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