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September 8, 2012
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Oct . 3

You sat impatiently on the brown couch in Roy's office. Roy sat at his desk clicking the pen up and down, he was more impatient than you. You raised your eyebrow, looking at him. He kind of looked constipated with his eyebrow twitching; he looked likes he was going to explode with rage.

Soon enough he did... you flinched at the noise of Roy's hands slamming on the wooden desk, "Whats taking Full Metal so long?!" You looked at him with a plain expression and you shrugged as you rested your feet on the tea table in front of you. Full Metal; Edward Elric, was called by Roy about a predicament that happened not to long ago...

Not to long ago~~~****
Oct. 1

It was a board meeting with King Bradley and some other military men, including Roy and Ed. You were there too, standing on the left of Roy while Riza stood on the right. Like always, Ed was late. You always wondered what was in that boys mind. He always seemed so far away from you, like a transmitted wall was between both of you. You didn't understand what Ed and Al have gone through since your family or close friends have never died, but you don't complain, you had a great childhood life. You had great friends, great parents, and a great home.

You stood impatiently as King Bradley sighed, "Wheres Full Metal, Mustang?"

Roy straightened his back and put on a serious face, "Not sure, Sir!" Like exactly on cue, Ed ran into the room with Al following suit. Doesn't sound like a predicament? Well, while Ed ran in he tripped making Riza fall towards Roy, they landed in a uncomfortable position. Roy, red as a tomato. Riza, speechless and weak at that moment. You stood there, covering your mouth, and trying not to laugh. From the corner of your eye you saw Ed smile at you and stare at you intensively with his golden amber eyes which made you melt.


You sighed as you put your hands behind your head, "Chill Roy, he will be here soon."

"Thats not the point..." Roy responded with a stress face. "Then what is it?" You said sitting up, looking toward him with a curious look.

"Today... is the day," Roy put his hands under his chin and closed his eyes as if he was remembering something. You just looked at him dumfounded, 'Today? Oct. 3, right?' You thought for a moment, putting your finger on your chin, but were interrupted by a SLAM. "Sorry we're late, Colonel!" You heard the too familiar childish voice. You smiled brightly at the armor and the shorty next to him, "How's it going, Elric's?"

"Everything's going great, _________!" Al said sitting on the couch across from you, "How about you?"

"Well, life has been so far great," You sighed crossing your arms over your chest, "Dad got into an accident, again..." Ed looked up instantly when he heard you say dad. He seemed kind of, out of it today. "Why didn't you tell me, _______!" Roy exclaimed, "I would have let you go off and see your father!" (A/N: Roy seems out of character...) Roy and your father, (Dads name) were best friends since their Elementary, Middle school, High school, and College years. You were like Roy's niece.

"Roy calm down, he isn't dead so i'm not going." You closed your eyes, feeling uncomfortable with the stares you've been getting.

"How about i send Ed with you!" Roy smirked.

"What about Al?" You asked.

Al put his front of him and waved them like jazz hands, "Don't worry about me! I want to visit Winry anyways." You stood up and walked up to Al and nudged him playfully, with a smirk you sang, "Awww, I heard from Ed, things have been going smoothly with Winry!~" Speaking of Ed, he was really quiet the whole time he was there. You looked at Ed's direction, who was now staring out the window with a sad expression, not paying attention to the conversation you, Roy, and Al were having. You looked at him, worried. Was he sick? Is he mad at you? Find out in Part 2!~
I think i was lazy with this :iconotlplz: Anyways....
i dont own Ed~~ For some reason i love leaving my readers at the edge of their seats!!! Will Ed go with you to your hometown? Will Ed tell you whats bugging him? GAHH So confusing?!?!?

You are owned by :iconfullmetalplz:

Picture is not mine~~~~

Part 1: :reading:

Part 2: ~~IN PROGRESS~~ :writersblock:
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October 3 is the day he and Al left and burned their home and ED engraved it into his state alchemist pocket watch and it said ;Don't Forget 3.Oct.11
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:iconfullmetalplz: aw cutest icon ever! and I love your story :D
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Omg is oct.3 the day his mother died!?
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The day they burned down the house
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Can you send me the link when part two is finished
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Awesome story! I can't wait for the next part!
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