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Edward Elric X Reader Sequel. Chapter 4
You sat at the front row, staring blankly at the people on stage. Roy and Havoc were doing some where dance routine as you pulled your hair out thinking about who Ed liked. Your heart shattered as you heard those words, 'I think he likes someone else.' You wan't him to be happy, obviously, but it so hard to accept that he loves someone else.
You sighed and slid down your chair in despair. 
"_-_____?" you heard a familiar voice behind you. Your head snapped around to the voice, "Y-Yes?"
It was Alphonse... again. Not that you don't want it to be, you just thought... it was someone else. "O-Oh hey Al.."
"You thought I was brother right?" Al said mentally frowning inside. 
"Y-Yeah... Sorry."
"No its okay!" He said waving his hands in defense. 
You laughed nervously, "Alright..." 
"I was looking for you."
"Because I need to ask you something?" 
"What would that be?" You looked at Al smiling at his soul attached body.
"Do you like...
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 161 268
He's a Jerk... But I Love Him.Edward ElricXReader
(( A/N: This if for people who are in love, but when the person you love makes fun of you and goes to far... But things come out alright.))

You were extremely happy today, especially since it was Friday which means for two days and 48 hours there was no womanizer or paper work. You sighed relieved when you had finished signing the last piece of work paper. Roy stared at you with a quirked up eyebrow as Ed was sleeping soundly- or at least you thought he was sleeping. 
You stood up quickly and walked up to Roy's desk and dropped the papers as they slammed onto the desk. "Ah, Roy I finished before the day even finished!" You said triumphantly. 
Roy smirked and stood up leaning down to you, he had cupped your cheek with his right hand, "Maybe as a, prize, I could give you a kiss~" As soon as those words came out of Roy's lips, Ed also came out of his 'deep slumber'. He was now holding you and had slapped Roy's hand away from you silky and perfect ch
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 170 158
Feeling Wanted For The First Time.2 Edward x You
Feeling Wanted For The 1st Time
Edward Elric Love Story
Chapter 2: Unwanted
Not being able to say what you need to say when you need to say it. At least, thats the way it was for you. For all your life, you've always kept to yourself. You've always felt unwanted, unloved, unappreciated. 
Your ______ ______. Your from a rich family who owns a film industry. Lots of people would think having this life is wonderful and fantastic, but when you have parents like yours, who didn't want to have you in the first place... life sucks. You hugged your knees as you sat on your small twin bed. Threatening yourself and cursing under your breath at the thought of what your so called father said before he and your mom left.
"We're leaving on a trip for a month." Your father said in a slithery and monotone voice. You nodded fidgeting with the rem of your plaided skirt.

"Make sure this house is spotless when we come back," your mother said as she readjusted t
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 80 55
Feeling Wanted For The First Time.1 Edward x You
.:Feeling Wanted For The 1st Time:.
Edward Elric Love Story 
Chapter 1: Pilot 
You don't think anyone really believes in you.  You've told your parents amazing things that you've done but you just get brushed off and ignored. 

Why can't anyone see that you want to feel loved and wanted. You want to be somewhere... somewhere everyone appreciates you and loves you to death.

Just this once... 

That's all you ask.
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 63 21
Edward Elric X reader: Sequel Chapter.3
When you and Al finally got to be in an uncrowded place, he sat on the grass and patted the ground for you to sit. You plopped down next to him and hugged your knees. "Now, _____ tell me whats bothering you?" Al questioned with a father-like voice.

"I-Its... its about E-Ed..." You answered with a blush right across your face.

"I thought so." Al chuckled slightly and looked at the scenery before you two. There was a shiny lake with the nice reflection of the afternoon sun. You rested your chin on your knees. "Whatever Ed did, I'll make him apologize." Al continued with triumph as he was about to stand up, but before he could you stopped him.
"I-Its not his fault..." You said in defeat with your head down, hiding your beautiful (color eyes) eyes, "Its just... has to do with him." 
Al nodded in response and sat back down on the grass. 
"Its just me acting like a stubborn child..." You sniffled, you were showing Al a side
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Edward Elric X Reader: Sequel Chapter.2
You sighed as you rubbed your temples walking out of the building to see flyers and decorations all over Central. They all said '50th Anniversary for Alchemy!' or 'Festival for 50th Anniversary of Alchemy tonight at 7 PM'. You just kept walking ignoring them until you bumped into a hard piece of metal. You cursed under your breath and looked up to see...

Alphonse, he looked down at you and panicked. He fidgeted and kept yelling out that he was sorry. Your eyebrow twitched suddenly at the thought that Ed might be with Winry right now... since you saw no sign of him. 
" _______ a-are you alright?" Al asked cautiously. You nodded slowly.
"B-But your crying..." Al continued with a stutter. Your eyes widened suddenly as you put your hand to your face to see a drop fall from your face. 
"I-I'm... I'm FINE!" You yelled, startling the people around you who were enjoying themselves. 
Al slowly backed away, noticing that you were havin
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 90 49
Edward Elric X Reader: Sequel
Chapter 1: 
It was a normal day to you, but for everyone it was the 50th anniversary of Alchemy (A/N: I MADE IT UP :D/ Ed: ... that would never-/ A/N: LIKE I SAID! 'I made it up" .-. ). It was normal for you because you knew nothing about Alchemy, all you had was your sword. You sighed as you readjusted your sword on your shoulder. Yup... just a normal day. 
You finally arrived to Roy's office to see everyone decorating for the 50th anniversary. You looked at Roy and you raised you eyebrow, "What are you wearing?" 
"Oh! Hello, Lt. _______." Roy smirked, he was wearing this weird triangle hat on his head, no shirt, and black shorts. On his chest there was a a circle, it seemed to be a transmutation circle, "We are getting ready for the 50th anniversary of Alchemy- care to join us?" 
You shook your head, "No thanks." 
"Aww, but why _______?" Havoc whined, he was wearing the same exact thing as Roy.
"I'm just not interested in Alchemy." You answered as you heard g
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 135 79
Sylvia Cross-Ford (FMA OC)
Sylvia Cross-ford (the Elder named her Sylvia after his late daughter who also had the same color eyes as Sylvia)
Nickname(s): Wild Girl, Sly
Age: 15
Species: human
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Birthday: Feb-13-1899
Life Story: When Sylvia was very young, her parents were kidnapped and the Elder took her in. While being raised in the Celestial Village, she was being trained martial arts and to be swift in combat. As she grew older, she got more independent over the time. She also became next in line to lead the Village, with Mary- her friend, who seems more like a sister to her- behind her.
One day, the Elder woke Sylvia in the middle of the night to tell her he had a vision. A vision that her parents were still alive and that she should go into the outside world to seek them. Sylvia did as she was told and decided to find her parents in a world she knew none about.
About Him/Her
Personality: Sylvia known to be witty and a very fast thinker and is usually the one to solv
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 1 12
Jack Frost x Reader
~Jack Frost has been separated by mortals for years. No one being able to see him, but what happens when a girl is able to see and feel him. What if that girl- is you?~
Jack Frost was walking swiftly in the small little town, passing small little shops. He knew no one could see him- actually no one could see him for millions of years. He wasn't trying to attract the mortals attention. He wasn't going to because he knew it was impossible.
It's been a few years since Pitch was gone and the Guardians had won. Jack Frost remembered how he was thrown in the sack by a kangaroo. Which who was actually a Bunny Rabbit. Not that he didn't know- which he didn't. Now he was bored unable to let anyone see him. Things maybe different and all- but he wishes to be able to be seen, and loved by someone. Someone he will love back and care for. He was optimistic about being seen by someone, but it's been years that no one could and he still misses his brown chocolate colored hair that is now snow white.
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 39 18
Edward Elric x Reader Part 4 Final?
NARRATORS P.O.V. (A/N: my POV :3 )
Ed had fallen out of the closet and fell flat on his face. Everyone in the room could tell he was eavesdropping in their wonderful choke up moment. That was until Roy announced about the little surprise he had in store for you. 
You stood there dumbfounded , shock, and about to have a stroke. Who was in front of your (eye colors) ? Well, of course the one and only- 
"EDWARD ELRIC!" You exclaimed, mad. Which was strange... Anyways, Ed flinched and turned his head slowly to your direction, a nervous smile plastered onto his face. 
"Y-Yes... _____?" He seemed nervous as you walked slowly to him, forgetting about the people in the room as he waited for the impact. 
Ed waited and waited... Nothing came from your direction as he had his eyes squeezed shut. He opened one of his eyes slowly, looking at the corner of it to see you standing there. Fist clenched, eyes hidden behind your bangs, and tears f
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 134 191
Holiday One Shot part 2
1. Edward Elric: Happy Halloween, Edward Elric!
2. Ciel Phantomhive: Happy Thanks Giving, Ciel!
3. Alphonse Elric: Merry Christmas, Alphonse Elric!
4. Natsu Dragneel: Happy New Years! Kiss me, Natsu! 
5. Gray Fullbuster: Happy Valentines, Gray! Will You Be Mine?
6. Sebastian Michaelis: White Day! 
7. Italy: Easter Bunny is Coming! Hide The Freaking Eggs
8. Germany: St. Patricks Day! Pinch Me! 
Request any others.
Happy Thanks Giving, Ciel! 
You sat the long table, taping your fingers on the shiny wood. It was Thanks Giving and there was no one to celebrate it with, which sucks cause it makes you a loner. You sighed with disappointment. You stood up as you heard footsteps come closer and closer. You looked towards the door, there stood, Ciel Phantomhive with a smirk on his face. You smiled at him, "Hi, Ciel." 
"Hi, ______." Ciel chuckled, "Alone, are we?" 
You giggled and nodded, "Yup."
"Where's the turkey?"
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 9 29
Wear Something Cute/ Ciel X Reader
You laid on top on a grass field. The wind blowing, you sighed with relief as you bit down on the piece of bread you stole. You've been walking on your own for a few years now and this bread in your hand was basically your proper meal each 365 days of the year. You sat up, your (Hair color) locks falling onto your shoulders. You moved your head side to side quickly, you had a feeling someone was watching you, but it soon left as you laid back down. You looked towards the puffy white clouds as they changed shape. The nobles have been searching for you, just to put it out there. They do have the right to, since you've been practically stealing food all over London. No wonder the Orphanage didn't want you--- you caused a lot of trouble the past few years, since your parents died that is. You closed your eyes re-winding the painful memories. 
You held tightly onto the little teddy bear as you watched your father falling slowly onto the ground, but not before
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 319 104
Holiday One Shots
(Its so late... xD pfft whatever
1. Edward Elric: Happy Halloween, Edward Elric!
2. Ciel Phantomhive: Happy Thanks Giving, Ciel
3. Alphonse Elric: Merry Christmas, Alphonse Elric!
4. Natsu Dragneel: Happy New Years! Kiss me, Natsu! 
5. Gray Fullbuster: Happy Valentines, Gray! Will You Be Mine?
6. Sebastian Michaelis: White Day! 
7. Italy: Easter Bunny is Coming! Hide The Freaking Eggs
8. Germany: St. Patricks Day! Pinch Me! 
Request any others.
Happy Halloween, Edward Elric! 
You walked in the halls of the Central, smiling dumbly. Your (color hair) swaying side to side. In your hands you had bags of candy-- and no its not Valentine's Day. You loved Halloween, you got to dress up and be someone else, but that wasn't the only thing you loved about Halloween, you adored the candy! The chocolate, the sour stuff, and the lollies! You open the double doors of Roy's office. In Roy's office was Ed, Al, Hawkeye, and
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 22 36
Good Luck, My Boys.
Edward sat in the rain. The drops of water landing on his face, like real tears streaming down his face. Sad memories flooded into his mind... 
"My little man," Trisha cooed, messing up his hair, "Your a good man to help around the house while your fathers gone." Edward frowned at the name of his dad. His father left not to long ago, leaving his mom alone. "Your welcome, mom!" Edward exclaimed, smiling a toothy grin. 
"Can I help too?" Al asked. 

End Of FlashBack: 
Ed put his face in his hands. Trying his best to not let the tears out. "I'm sorry mom... I'm so sorry.." He repeated, his mind rewinding the time before his mother died. 
Trisha held onto her sons hands, smiling weakly. "Your never alone, my boys." 
"Don't talk like that, mom!" Edward scolded his mom. His mom chuckled, "Ed, take care of your brother- I know you'll grow up to be a good man..."
"M-Mom..." Al choked out. 
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 8 7
FMA My After Story_ Travelers Meet
Mel P.O.V.
I sat in the train, chin rested on my hand as the scenery went by. With my free hand I twirled a piece of my light brown hair. I sighed with dissapointment, leaving my dad alone in a deep hole of hell where every single room smelt like death. I closed my eyes, imagining a place where I can only see myself... Darkness. Cold pitch black, darkness. I knew my dad needed me, but I couldn't refuse to finding out who killed my mother. A women of peace and smiles, was killed by someone with envy. Yet, who could hold a grudge on my bubbly hyper-active mother? 
I tried to make a list of names of the people who envy her, but no one popped up in my mind. Nothing came to mind as the beautiful day started to become gloomy all of a sudden. 'Bad thoughts, bring bad weather' I mentaly told myself. 
A few hours later, the speaker announced my destination. I stood up and streched my arms. Travling can be fun, but the trains have the worst seats in the history of seats. I walked out o
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 4 2
FMA My After Story_ The Beginning
The 17 year old girl stood in her living room. Blue eyes, lifeless. The scene infront of her, was a body covered with crimson liquid making a big pond underneath the dead body. The light brown haired man stood on his knees, sobbing and crying out, "Why?!" Over and over again.
Police were everywhere in the little home. The home where a lively girl use to play and hide all day long. The home of a happy family-- that was now crushed. The mother gone, the father losing his mind, and the daughter... Souless and locked up in her room.
That's were Melanie Skylar Collins life begun....
(A/N: This like the prologue, xD sorry if its to short...) 
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 3 0
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I am back c: 

Well only for a while. I got school =_= 

I got into really advance classes and i cant really balance my schedule. 

But this time i promise that on Saturday night the new chapter for Edward Elric x Reader: Sequel will come out

I would post it on Friday but i am going to a Bruno Mars concert >^> hehe 


I really missed all of you.

The best way to contact me is through Instagram because I always have my cell phone with me now (and my iPod) 

Go follow my accounts~


My role play accounts. I have to see if i got locked out of my first two accounst OAO stupid IG is on crack again




My army is coming together ouo

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